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Exterior Renovations

Eastview’s exterior renovation service specializes in beautifying your home’s appearance and improving its value and function. Our upgrades, the material finishes we apply to your home’s exterior will improve its energy efficiency and add value as it looks terrific and does a better job defending against the elements.

Exterior renovation services encompass a wide range of improvements and updates to the outside of your home or outbuildings, aiming to enhance their overall appearance, functionality, and energy efficiency.

Painting and siding upgrades involve updating the external walls of a building either through painting or installing new siding materials such as vinyl, wood, fiber cement, or stucco. This can drastically change the appearance of a building and help protect it from weather erosion.

Replacing or repairing the roof is another major exterior renovation. This can include installing new shingles, tiles, or metal roofing, as well as improving insulation and ventilation to enhance energy efficiency.

Replacing old windows and doors can improve a home’s energy efficiency, security, and curb appeal. Modern double or triple-glazed windows can significantly reduce energy costs.

Replace Windows and Doors

Homeowners can easily upgrade their windows and doors while renovating with Eastview Homes. We’ll go one step farther and widen narrow entrances for double doors and install second story windows which are easier to open and can be cleaned from inside your home. Changing windows and doors improves aesthetics and saves energy, lowering heating costs. Older windows and doors leak energy when their vaccuum seals are compromised. Modern units are more efficient. Most have triple glazing and improved seals because they’re made with stronger, more durable materials.

Windows and doors are among the most important visual elements of any modern residence. Replacing older windows and doors can transform the appearance of any house, making it instantly more attractive when viewed from the curb. Improved locks and reinforced frames offer better security against intruders. New windows and doors improve the overall comfort of a resdiential space by reducing drafts, decreasing noise from the outside, and by allowing more natural light and more control over sunlight.

Cape Cod Wood Siding

All-natural wood siding offers a unique blend of aesthetic appeal, natural insulation properties, and versatility, making it a popular choice for homeowners who like the idea of building and living in a home made with the construction materials Nature provides.

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Regulations and Permits

Most exterior renovation projects require permits and must comply with local building codes and regulations. Eastview’s designers are experts at navigating municipal bureaucracy.

Professional Services

Hiring experienced contractors and renovation specialists is crucial for high-quality workmanship, adherence to timelines, and for ensuring your renovation meets legal and safety standards.

 Eastview’s clients receive our full attention, and we are very detail-oriented. We’re ALWAYS available to answer questions.

Exterior Renovations with Eastview Homes

Eastview’s exterior renovation service can  play a crucial role in the community, providing homeowners and property managers with solutions to aesthetically improve their properties. These renovations not only increase the immediate appeal and functionality of their buildings, but also contribute to their long-term value and sustainability.

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Eastview did a terrific job updating our home’s appearance. They gave our Mississauga bungalow a new front porch with a table and chairs and it’s our new favourite spot in the summer. Their craftsmanship and attention to detail was impressive from day one. Eastview Homes was a good choice and we plan on working with Keith again on another project.


This note is just a small thank you in comparison to the job you did for us in our newly renovated home. We are so pleased with the quality of your work and that it was done in the scheduled time frame. With a young family an the both of us working we knew that any type of renovation was going to be challenging in our home. 

M. Scott

From the very beginning of our renovation experience with Eastview Homes, the communication was great! It was very reassuring to know that Keith was there to answer any of our questions. Keith worked hard with us to find the best cost effective solutions, and made sure we were promptly updated with any changes.


I have worked with Keith over the past several years on numerous homes and additions, but never on my own home. As an architect, attention to detail is paramount. We contracted Eastview Homes to build a rear addition and kitchen to replicate the existing Arts and Crafts era character of the original house. The work was executed remarkably well in a timely fashion.

Frank B

Rerouting laundry into the basement to expand the mudroom in the garage entry. Keith’s team is stellar, everyone was very friendly and professional. They made me feel very comfortable throughout the process. The quality of the job was top notch and we are very satisfied with the job.


We wanted to open up our main floor to create an open concept feel in the kitchen/living room. Keith suggested we put a flush mount beam in the ceiling to open the space up and also to have a seamless transition between the two rooms. I couldn’t be happier with the finished product and we are excited to be moving back into our new home!


Our plan was to redo the kitchen and both of the bathrooms in the house. Keith suggested we remove the load bearing wall between the living room and the kitchen to give the war time house an open concept feel. Glad we did, Keith and his crew showed up when they said they would  and were very thorough with their work at every stage of the process. 


We hired Keith and Eastview Homes to renovate our entire main floor. When Keith came over he had such amazing ideas. We were so impressed  by the entire team’s professionalism. They cleaned up each night which was a wonderful surprise. We couldn’t be more happy with the results and it’s as if we are living in a brand new house!


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Mississauga, Oakville & Burlington