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Structural Framing

Remodeling houses requires reshaping their structures, expanding the existing footprint or making better use of the existing space. Eastview has lots of experience with light frame construction which happens after demolition and after we secure the home’s foundation. Framing houses is a big job with lots of little details. Windows and door headers must align perfectly, as do cupboards and shelves. Blocking must be added behind cabinets and baseboards so nails and screws driven through drywall will bite into something solid. Keep in mind, there needs to be enough space to accommodate ductwork, electrical wiring, and plumbing, plus insulation.

What is Structural Framing?

Structural framing means assembling wood and steel components to make load-bearing shapes, often in the form of residential houses. Eastview’s framing materials include wood, engineered wood, and steel. We like designs which combine horizontal beams and vertical columns to open up interiors and become stately front porches on gorgeous family homes.

Floorplans Redefined

Out of sight, out of mind. Structural framing is seldom considered after the work is done. Eastview’s handiwork lives unseen behind the walls, under floors, and above the ceilings.

Well framed houses have seamless drywall, level floors, and quiet stairs that don’t creak.  Depending on the size and complexity of your house, structural framing can take anywhere from a couple weeks to a month to complete.

Eastview frames houses from basement to attic, and from the outside inwards. This means we start on the exterior of the dwelling and work our way towards the center of the home.  First, we lay down the sub floor and then we raise the exterior walls, which are typically framed using 2 x 6 wood studs. Then we turn our attention to the interior partition walls where we’ll use smaller dimension studs depending on the mechanical or plumbing needs of the room.

After we complete the interior walls and add the stairs, we’ll use a crane to lift the roof trusses into place. If we’re building a second-floor addition, then a sub floor will be installed and the process will be repeated. Structural framing also includes sheeting the roof with plywood and preparing it for the roofers.

Eastview excels at home renovations, home additions, and exterior renovations. We’re skilled at raising roofs and building dormers, and we have lots of practice removing load bearing walls by adding structural beams and columns; such space reclamation is core to modern home remodeling projects. The beams can be hidden in the ceiling, aesthetically concealed in plaster moldings, or left exposed.

What is a Framed Structure?

Any structure that’s able to stand by itself is considered a rigid structure. Structures can be classified in several ways: solid, framed structure, shell, membrane, composite, trusses, cables and arches, surface structure etc. In construction, the term ‘structure’ refers to anything that’s built or made with interconnected parts at a fixed location on the ground. This includes buildings, but can refer to anything designed to bear loads, even if it’s not intended to be occupied by people.  Materials such as wood, steel, and reinforced concrete, which are strong in both tension and compression, are the best materials for framing structures.

Design & Engineering

We provide complete solutions from start to finish, including design consultations and planning, permits, and structural engineering.

Finish Carpentry

From structural framing to finish carpentry, we add new stairs, handrails, and in-wall cabinets. Our team of journeymen carpenters has an eye for detail, and a reputation for outstanding workmanship.

Smart Walls

Walls wired for broadband internet? Let’s add fiber optic cables with separate routes and plate covers.

Removal of Walls

Eastview’s architects and engineers remove walls and doors to make open concept floor plans.

Windows and Doors

Eastview adds bigger windows and wider doors, patio doors and accordion-style folding walls. 

Add Warmth

Radiant floor heating and gas fireplaces are among the many ways you can take the chill out of your basement.

I have worked with Keith for many years on numerous homes and additions, but never on my own home. As an architect, attention to detail is paramount. We contracted Eastview Homes to build a rear addition and kitchen to replicate the existing Arts and Crafts era character of the original house. The resulting work was completed on schedule and was well executed with no surprises.

Frank B

This note is just a small thank you in comparison to the job you did for us in our newly renovated home. We are so pleased with the quality of your work and that it was done in the scheduled time frame. With a young family an the both of us working we knew that any type of renovation was going to be challenging in our home. 

M. Scott

From the very beginning of our renovation experience with Eastview Homes, the communication was great! It was very reassuring to know that Keith was there to answer any of our questions. Keith worked hard with us to find the best cost effective solutions, and made sure we were promptly updated with any changes.


Rerouting laundry into the basement to expand the mudroom in the garage entry. Keith’s team is stellar, everyone was very friendly and professional. They made me feel very comfortable throughout the process. The quality of the job was top notch and we are very satisfied with the job.


We wanted to open up our main floor to create an open concept feel in the kitchen/living room. Keith suggested we put a flush mount beam in the ceiling to open the space up and also to have a seamless transition between the two rooms. I couldn’t be happier with the finished product and we are excited to be moving back into our new home!


The communication of schedules and on going work made it easy for our family to continue to live in our home during construction without any disruptions. From quotation to design to final product, Eastview Homes  should be your only choice. We plan on working with them again in the near future on another project.


Our plan was to redo the kitchen and both of the bathrooms in the house. Keith suggested we remove the load bearing wall between the living room and the kitchen to give the war time house an open concept feel. Glad we did, Keith and his crew showed up when they said they would  and were very thorough with their work at every stage of the process. 


We hired Keith and Eastview Homes to renovate our entire main floor. When Keith came over he had such amazing ideas. We were so impressed  by the entire team’s professionalism. They cleaned up each night which was a wonderful surprise. We couldn’t be more happy with the results and it’s as if we are living in a brand new house!


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