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Professional Trades Work Together in Eastview Homes

finishing kitchens with chunky ceramic tile
David and Matt preparing to install faux brick on a fireplace surround.

Eastview Homes is a family of diverse tradespeople and any list begins with the carpenters, Dave and Matt. David is an apprentice carpenter and Matt’s journey to complete accreditation was profiled here in this blog. They bring a variety of rough and fine construction skills to each project. Here they are installing faux brick as part of the desired finish for the custom fireplace built in to the wall. After installation they will use a mason grout to apply a more realistic finish before a painter adds the finishing touches to the faux brick. Soon afterwards, custom built-in cabinetry will be installed over the brick to create a more authentic aged appearance.

Dave – carpenters apprentice.

Here’s David installing a bathroom vanity in preparation for the plumbing connections. Through time and experience Dave and Matt have gained skill-sets encompassing the variety of renovation tasks found in our multi level renovations and additions. Both are quick to interpret working drawings and any instruction manuals. They help with the number of problem solving skills needed to master the trade. With direct on site instruction from our lead carpenters and construction managers they have become invaluable cogs in our machine.

Matt the Electrician is the Son of an Electrician

Matt has electricity in his blood stream. He probably learned much of what he knows through osmosis from his old man and likely had no trouble passing all the practical tests in trade school. He could have passed the union test when he was just sixteen after helping his father for so many summers. Matt’s a skilled electrician who provides helpful suggestions and solutions to the array of electrical issues experienced in any home renovation. Right from the start Matt is there clearing the house of old unsafe wiring allowing us to move directly into the demolition stage. Later he returns to start the new rough in, where Matt and our construction manager meet with the home owners to discuss the electrical plan. Soon after the house is wired with finish cover plates and pot lights for the family to return to their home.

Matt – master electrcian

Installing new electrical systems in freshly constructed buildings is far less complicated than maintaining the wiring in existing buildings. This is because electrical wiring is more easily accessed during construction. In addition to easy access, maintaining equipment and systems involves identifying difficult problems and that could mean making messes. Repairing or properly powering appliances that are difficult to reach is a real drag and so good electricians design easy access and select low maintenance supplies.

Matt is great because he works by himself. He doesn’t just read the floor plans, he memorizes them. Blueprints are technical diagrams of electrical systems that show the location of circuits, outlets, and other equipment and Matt is so independent that he makes his own to-do list. He orders the parts and gathers up his special tools. He uses some specialized gadgets, both hand and power tools, such as conduit benders, to run and protect wiring and testers. Other commonly used hand and power tools include screwdrivers, wire strippers, drills, and saws. While troubleshooting, it’s not uncommon to see Matt creeping around with an ammeter, a voltmeter, thermal scanners and cable testers to find problems and ensure that all components are working together properly.

Remi the Cabinet Installer

Remi the painter at Eastview Homes
Remi is a cabinet installer and he specializes in assembling custom cabinets and closet systems

“The kitchen is today’s living room,” is one of Remi’s favourite sayings. He’s a skilled artisan and he puts his passion for his craft into his work.

Remi is a cabinet installer and he specializes in assembling custom cabinets and closet organizers. He’s never found without a tape measure and notepad, drill gun and glue kit.

On small jobs Remi does it all himself, but on big jobs he leads a small team assembling the cabinetry and millwork.

Remi worked for a variety of cabinet manufactures before coming on as an intricut part of the Eastview team. His years of experience allow for easy installs and quick work of any kitchen cabinetry install.

Tim – Customer Service

Tim brings years of custom home building experiences and attention to detail skills to the closing of any project. As a certified carpenter Tim has the know how to tweak, adjust, or set any finish within our renovation projects. Here he is completing the tiling of shower surround with traditional subway tiles.

Tim – service master

With his skills and experience in residential construction, Tim is often see as one of our lead framers during a home addition or custom build. He can knock together the most complex designs and make it look easy. At times he turns to his trusty Construction Master, a carpenter’s calculator that aids with the most common framing calculation challenges. The task of imputing all the necessary information is crucial to the success of calculating a common hip length, or hip jack rafter, or any of the rafters birds mouth without the need to running a tape while atop a steep roof.

Jose – painter and wallpaper installer

Jose is responsible for pulling our projects together, providing a bright, clean and modern home. His attention to detail is what sets him apart from other painters. As a long term team member Jose knows our goal is to provide our customers with a seamless finish. Through conversations with the owners Jose helps finalize their colour selections along with desired sheen finishes as it may change per room.

Jose – Eastview Homes

After giving the house a full once over, attending to drywall imperfections from carpentry knicks and scratches to drywall tape and mud deficiencies Jose gives the walls and ceiling a final sand before starting the arduous task of paint and wallpaper prep. Hours are spent taping, masking, filling nail holes, applying sealant to windows, casing, baseboard. Only when this is complete can he start spraying the doors and trim – often at times there’s some level of custom paneling or wainscoting where added attention to detail is required.

Jose’s attention to detail encompasses our teams interest and efforts in providing our customers satisfaction in a job well done.

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