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Natural Wood Siding in Oakville and Burlington

natural wood siding in Oakville

Our recent second story addition with a covered front and rear porch construction project on Valena Crescent in south Burlington Ontario was completed with style by the addition of natural wood siding. This building material perfectly completes a house and yields maximum curb appeal. 

installing wood siding on house

This was a big project. Eastview Homes completed a full interior renovation with all new mechanical, electrical and plumbing throughout the house. Insulation, drywall and modern finishes completed the make-over inside the structure, but the exterior was finished with natural wood clapboard and shingles from Cape Cod Siding.

Natural wood siding is a perfect finish for this two story addition

Wood board siding has long been a favorite of Canadian homeowners for centuries because of its natural beauty. Board siding is made from durable softwood lumber that has been milled into any of several patterns designed to interlock or overlap so the boards naturally shed rain, sleet, and snow. Unlike factory-made materials that must be ordered and cropped in-house before delivery and installation, natural wood can be bought, cut, and installed all in the same day. This nature-made resource is easier and less expensive to replace than plastic or vinyl materials. Wood siding is also simple to match in color and texture when you do need to replace segments.

Natural wood siding works well with paint and stains which gives more design options to homeowners who choose to customize the appearance. By contrast, vinyl and aluminum siding may look pretty, but they do not easily hold paint and stain the same as organic materials and that means homeowners must either pay higher costs or accept the synthetic materials’ more limited paint / stain options.

Horizontal patterns that lay flat against the wall such as tongue-and-groove, shiplap, and channel rustic are milled with edges that interlock to shed rain.

Vertical siding such as board-and-batten is generally nailed to wooden strips that are attached across wall studs. As its name suggests, board-and-batten siding is made by nailing boards vertically along a wall and then covering the spaces between the boards with narrow strips of wood called battens or “batts.”

Board-and-batten siding doesn’t seal out blustery weather quite as effectively as most patterns of lapping or interlocking horizontal siding, so it’s best reserved for temperate climates. Because it runs vertically, it can’t be nailed directly to wall studs; instead, it is applied over solid sheathing or fastened to horizontal nailers or blocking.

Natural wood siding creates the timeless, finished look yearned for by many modern consumers. Although typically associated with higher upfront costs, the increase of curb appeal and monetary value from designing a home with this material has more and more builders revisiting this classic aesthetic.

Eastview Homes stands behind their work installing wood siding in Oakville and Burlington according to manufacturers specifications to accrue all warranties and protections. Wood siding can last thirty years or more if it is well maintained. The categories of wood siding include clapboard and other milled-board siding, plywood and hardwood sheets, and shingles and shakes

Wood siding is sustainable and forest management experts will likely argue that that real wood siding is actually more environmentally friendly than substitutes which require petrochemicals to produce. Wood itself, of course, is biodegradable, and depending on the brand and origin of the lumber used can actually be produced using less energy than vinyl and aluminum alternatives.

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