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Eastview Homes is Recognized by RenoMark

Eastview Homes Renomark

Eastview Homes is proud to announce we’ve been recognized and are now accredited by RenoMark

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RenoMark symbol of excellence.

That’s a big deal. That little black Renomark icon symbolizes a trusted voice in the home renovation industry, and now we’ll proudly display the badge like a trophy on our website. RenoMark’s emblem identifies those professional renovation contractors who’ve adopted a home builders’ Code of Ethics as well as a renovation-specific Code of Conduct and those who provide warranties, and who understand the value of customer service during and immediately after projects’ conclusion. It also validates and even celebrates in newsletters and publications those contractors who adopt current trends and use the latest tools and materials. They keep an eye on quality and are not impressed by quantity of jobs the contractors do each year or how much they pay in membership fees.

RenoMark was created to help Canadians make informed decisions about their renovation project including who they should hire for the job. Let’s face it, home remodeling and renovation is expensive and any property development is probably going to be the biggest building project of most people’s lives. The stakes couldn’t be higher for young families and so this organization was formed to help give guidance and structure to what is a relatively complex ordeal. RenoMark recognizes those members of the Canadian Home Builders’ Association who abide by the RenoMark Code of Conduct so that home owners can have confidence and trust in these professionals to be accountable before, during and after the work is done.

Who started this consumer focused service for homeowners and home buyers?

RenoMark program was established in 2001 by the Toronto-based Building Industry and Land Development Association (BILD) and is now delivered in partnership with the Canadian Home Builders’ Association and local Home Builders’ Associations across Canada.

The Renovators Mark of Excellence makes it easy for homeowners to identify participating professional renovators who have agreed to provide a superior level of service. 

Eastview Homes is committed to creating positive community awareness for the renovation industry by encouraging the homeowners to do their research and make educated decisions. We provide a great deal of information for the homeowner to plan, enjoy and live happily ever after with their renovation.


About Eastview Homes

Eastview Homes has been transforming Oakville, Burlington and Mississauga houses into personalized luxury homes for twenty years.

We offer home consultation, effective design services and professional construction solutions. We specialize in large scale remodeling projects, custom homes, additions, or structural improvements to existing houses.

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