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Home Renovation

Interior Designer Helps Home Renovation

building manager with interior designer on job site in oakville
As the project moves forward according to schedules, interior designers arrive in the final stages to plan final touches.

Eastview Homes offers an interior design service to compliment our home renovations and remodeling work. Our experienced interior designers create aesthetically pleasing layouts which help ensure the homeowners’ optimal use of their new space. Our experts make newly renovated indoor spaces more beautiful and more functional. Their work helps determine certain physical requirements, such as the placement of light switches, wall sconces, and ceiling fixtures. They often select or source essential furniture, floor coverings, desk lamps and other décor items. They determine color schemes, lighting designs, and suggest upholstery materials. They sketch ideas, write recommendations and occasionally they even make helpful notes and leave reminders right on our blueprints!

inter design helps straighten out floor plans
Home interior has been reformatted.

Skilled interior designers make improvements on paper before anything is ordered or installed. They use the latest visualization software to illustrate their proposed interior design ideas as though the house was already built and painted and ready to be decorated. The software breathes life into the schematics to virtually demonstrate how layouts will appear after the construction is complete and everything is purchased and installed. Most homeowners will agree, it’s truly remarkable how well the software simulates reality.

The pandemic has changed the way interior designers think about modern homes. Five years ago, open concept layouts with multipurpose rooms were all the rage. But the pandemic changed opinions, and now there’s a trend toward more efficiently shaped spaces which are tailor-made for two or three specific functions. Living rooms are entertainment centers and classrooms. Bedrooms have desks and bookshelves for quiet reading and homework. Kitchens islands are family gathering centers with sinks, stoves and marble countertops.

Master Bedroom Makeover

Master bedroom with cathedral ceiling poses interior design challenge
Master bedroom with ensuite bathroom

An empty room is a blank canvas for an interior designer, and the master bedroom of our most recent renovation project is big enough to create a masterpiece. Built over the garage in the nineteen nineties, the room has an ensuite bathroom (en suite or attached bath) which feels connected because it has the same colour scheme, window coverings and flooring.

A bedroom should be inherently cozy and one of the easiest ways to achieve extra warmth is by adding layers of illumination to the room. Big windows are only going to brighten the home during the day and good designers plan efficient and aesthetically pleasing evening set-ups to compensate. Adjustable LCD lights mounted on the ceiling will pinpoint paintings on the wall to create a dynamic and illustrative outer layer. Desk lamps and floor lamps will make a warm inner layer. The centerpiece is the bed on which a plush duvet and pillows is lit by reading lamps on side tables. Good lighting can elevate the mood of any room and Eastview’s interior designers employ multiple sources to imbue this layered warmth.

Open concept floor designs where one or more rooms connect through wide openings can pose design challenges. The individual spaces can feel alien if the lighting or color scheme changes, and so it’s important to choose shades that relate to each other, yet give each room its own identity according to its function. Repeating similar colors or materials in small details, such as window treatments, fabrics, or wall decor, can help form subtle links between spaces for an overall cohesive look.

Painting the wall trim the same shade of white throughout the house is another great way to create a sense of flow from room to room. White trim ensures that disparate spaces look connected and people feel anchored as they move through the house. Because there are so many shades of white, it’s best to select wall colors first, then choose a shade of white that works across the entire palette.

Residential interior design improves spaces by making them better suited to their intended purposes. Bedrooms should be relaxing and feel private, closed and secure. Kitchens and living rooms are open, comfortable spaces filled with daylight. Home offices should be centers of productivity while the home entertainment centre has lounge furniture, surround sound speakers, and interesting aesthetics.

The Living Room Rules

Interior wall is framed for fireplace and television
Brick fireplace to share wall with television.

The family room is the second-most important multipurpose space in the whole house, right behind the kitchen. Some families try to preserve a formal living room on the main floor and regulate kids to special playrooms. Others use the space for a general purpose family room, playroom, classroom, or movie room. Finding the true purpose of any space is a great place to start when creating a natural, intuitive room design.

Our interior designers are busy in this front room where the existing fireplace will be adjusted to accommodate a propane fueled insert . The unit will remain low to the ground to keep the wall above free for a big screen television. Gone are fireplace mantels which invite clutter between the two units. Today’s televisions are wider and require more horizontal space. Designers are aware of this and balance the room with wall art and windows being careful to never construct bookshelves anywhere near the area for fear tomorrow’s television will be even larger.

Eastview Homes design teams work with clients to build and create spaces that are best-suited to their clients’ lifestyles, and from which they can project the best possible version of themselves. Good aesthetics makes good impressions and good décor makes the occupants more capable of being awesome in their everyday lives.

Eastview’s Interior Design Team Streamlines Home Interiors

Eastview adds value by sharing expertise while exhibiting all the options. Consultation is a big part of the job and our due diligence ensures clients are confident with their choices and have not overlooked something which could lessen the impact of their assemblies. Our designers also know where to find unique materials and remarkable centerpieces to make rooms feel special.

Residing in a well organized and streamlined living space adds value to modern homes because it helps the occupants get the most out of their lives. People seek-out these efficiencies. This is why residential houses are ‘staged’ by specialized interior decorators before being offered for sale on the market. The real estate agent hopes home buyers will see their own belongings and recognize each room’s potential.

Eastview knows that life spent in pleasant surroundings is less stressful and more psychologically rewarding, and the best way to create relaxing and inspiring interior design is to tackle the assignment wholly and with vision from start to finish.

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