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Beautiful New Photos of an Exterior Home Renovation in Burlington

In July 2022, Eastview blogged a lengthy account of how our team creates curb appeal in an exterior home renovation. The piece displays contemporary photos of a recent Burlington home remodeling project. The story shows many design elements in various stages of completion. Months later, we have new images and rather than updating the older posts, we have decided to make a new entry here to display our new high quality photographs, and the high quality work that was completed.

Curb appeal refers to the beauty of a house when viewed from the street. Having an appealing home increases its value and can inspire residents living nearby to make their own improvements which over time can raises the value of an entire neighbourhood. Land speculators who buy investment properties drive about in the suburbs looking for properties for sale on these transition streets.

The blog penned in July details how this house and the neighbour’s were once twins, flipped endwise so the driveways were together. Both properties have been renovated since their initial construction and now sixty years later, they appear entirely unrelated. In this respect, exterior home renovations transform generic subdivision houses to give unique appearances.

Eastview Homes likes to construct covered front porches with thick stately pillars composed of Extira, an engineered waterproof wooden board. Our exterior renovations with natural wood siding typically includes a front entrance make-over with a covered porch and three or four stately wooden pillars, often painted white. The stylish little detail gives the property more self-respect, and adds value as it dramatically improves the curb appeal of the house. 

Exterior house

Gorgeous Images of a Beautiful New Backyard

Another blog post about sculpting a residential poolscape describes how Eastview transformed the backyard of this same property into a gorgeous waterpark complete with a changeroom and cabana perfect for relaxing on hot afternoons and for entertaining family and friends in all seasons. The cost of maintaining and running a swimming pool are negligible when compared to the fun realized on hot summer nights. Such poolscapes are the envy of the neighbourhood and magnify social-worth.

Before the renovation, the backyard was partitioned with the swimming pool area secured behind a waist-high chain link fence, as per municipal bylaws. The pool was shaded by a large bushy tree that lived beside the house. During the renovation, the perimeter fence was expanded to encompass the entire backyard and the shade trees were removed. In the photo above, readers will observe how the living room now has a big bay window that directly views the pool. This is one of two pop-out rear additions that required three types or excavation, basement underpinning, floor leveling as detailed in the blog posts linked above.

view from the side

Eastview transformed the backyard of this same property into a gorgeous waterpark complete with a changeroom and cabana that’s perfect for relaxing on hot afternoons and for entertaining family and friends in all seasons

Cabana pool houses offer an inviting place to sit and watch the kids swim while enjoying a meal and good conversation. The building also provides some shelter from the sun, wind, and rain that so often threaten afternoon outings.

This shelter has hydro, Wi-Fi and three types of lighting fixtures. Depending on the homeowner’s occupation, and the weather, it could become a home office for an afternoon.

Behind the house is an artificial grass lawn that’s perfect for exercising pets and sunbathing. It’s serenity and requires no maintenance.

Homeowners with nice swimming pools enjoy showing them off to neighbours and entertaining family and friends, poolside.

This particular home renovation is well appointed and capable of accommodating a large family outdoors in the shade, by the pool.

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