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Home Renovations

Home renovation experts, Eastview finds inspiration in the future we are creating. Our efficiency experts will move stairways, delete walls, double doors and add kitchen islands. Share your ideas and we’ll sketch the improvements, streamlining floorplans to increase comfort and the overall handiness of your house. In our first walkthrough of your property, we’ll note the terrain, the traffic, and the angle of the sun. We’ll study how the house looks from the street and how we can improve its form and function.

Eastview Homes is a design & build contractor and residential construction company well known for completing high quality projects. We succeed, on your behalf, with help from a well-established network of friends, architects and engineers, materials suppliers, and dozens of specialized tradespeople.

Renovate To Create your Perfect Family Home

Interior Home Renovation

Interior home renovation is the best way to add value to a residential property and personalize your home. Eastview designs and builds cost-effective home additions and does kitchen and bathroom remodelling. We offer solutions to improve our clients’ lives. Our commitment to quality, unparalleled communication and rigid scheduling are some of the ways we set ourselves apart. Decades of beautiful results have established our good reputation.

Exterior Home Renovations

Exterior home renovations add curb appeal to residential properties. Let’s design and build a new covered front porch with columns and stone steps. We’ll blend everything as we refinish the outside of your house with all-natural wood siding.  In the backyard, let’s add a rear deck and patio with storage underneath. Or let’s consider adding a pergola, fencing the perimeter and installing an outdoor fireplace.

Home Renovation is a Puzzle to Add Space and Comfort by Designing & Building Cost-Effective Solutions which Raise Property Values.


Prioritize material purchases and set deadlines for design decisions.


Just because it’s drawn on paper, doesn’t mean it’s set in stone.

Feasibility Studies

Look at all the options.


Design and build improvements that improve with age and increase in value over time.


Eastview is always available before, during, and after the project is completed.


Triple checking permits.

What does it take to transform a mid-century suburban house into a million-dollar family home?

A capable general contractor directing a team of experts is the best way to renovate a house and raise property value. Eastview has a friend network of experienced professionals who execute cost-effective solutions. We manage all suppliers and skilled tradespeople as we work together to complete your project.

Our construction company provides flawless admin, reputable architects and engineers plus a wide array of specialized trades. Everyone bands together to become an effective business entity. One step beyond other construction companies, Eastview is a property owner’s passport to prosperity, comfort and style.

Eastview has a signature approach to renovating and remodeling houses.

Our designs improve the livability of homes by adding comfort and convenience. We do this by concealing appliances, removing walls, adding islands to the kitchen and making dual function rooms to maximize floor space. Our window designs allow as much sunlight as possible and yet give the homeowner total control to cut and shape the light.  We upgrade bathrooms, replacing tubs with glass shower stalls and removing sinks to add marble countertop vanities. We move closets and add cupboards, shelves and cubbyholes. 

How To Begin a Home Renovation? 

Sketch your own designs, outlining the renovation and remodeling solution you’re contemplating. Homeowners should agree on their vision when they present their ideas to contractors. Make sure you have the funding required to realize your ambitions.  If you can provide an intelligible outline, we’ll start the process by selecting the best-suited architects and engineers to professionally complete your plans.

The design process begins with sketches which spawn drafts and finally working schematics. Professional blueprints are required for permits, scheduling and estimates. They’ll inform the demolition process which precedes construction as we clear the work area. We’ll secure the foundation, and add load-bearing beams and structural supports to support more weight upstairs. Then we’ll move walls and add windows.

A major upgrade might see Eastview excavating the ground around your house to increase its footprint by making a rear addition, or by raising the roof with a second story addition. Then we’ll construct new walls complete with new electrical, plumbing and HVAC.  We’ll insulate and drywall these new surfaces, and paint and finish the new rooms. Our finish carpenters will add baseboards, crown molding, and trim around windows and doors.  We’ll also construct built-in elements like bookcases and breakfast nooks. The last thing we install is flooring, a laminate or solid hardwood surface, (or tile or engineered wood) that’s laid down at the end of the project for obvious reasons.

Is it cheaper to rebuild or renovate my home?

It’s almost always cheaper to renovate your home, unless you live in decrepit structure close to being condemned.  Even a wide-ranging whole-house remodel will still be cheaper than tearing down and building a whole new structure on the property. Developers who do tear down existing buildings have given up on trying to solve the profitability puzzle. The question is, what parts of the existing house can be saved, and what must be deleted to make way for new additions? Committing to such a venture is the greatest gamble most people ever make. Please remember you are not alone. Call Eastview for consultations, second opinions, and better ideas. 

What’s the difference between renovating and remodeling?

The words renovate and remodel are often used interchangeably when it comes to home improvement but there’s a big difference between the two concepts. Renovation is done to ‘refresh’ something old and make it new again. The word comes from the Latin renovatio which means renewal.  Remodeling by comparison is more elaborate.  Remodeling requires a design change. The dictionary defines remodeling as, 1. to model again, and 2. to reconstruct; make over.  So at first glance it seems apparent that re-modeling is the more complicated task, as it requires new schematics be created, which implies the participation of architects and engineers, or at the very least skilled design-build contractors.  Renovation is less complicated and oftentimes can be done by the property owners themselves without building permits or even schematics.

Do I need an architect to renovate my house?

Architects and engineers are not required for small scale projects like installing countertops, flooring, ceilings or for any elements that do not change the structure of the house. But generally speaking, Eastview Homes tackles bigger jobs which do require Architectural Design experts and structural engineers to approve their work. We employ professional drafts people and rank this among our core strengths.

Eastview impressed us from the start. In our very first meeting, my husband and I could tell Keith really knows what he’s talking about, and it’s great how he was willing to get involved before the designs were completed to answer our questions and help us understand how much things cost and what’s better. Our designer worked with them so everything would be just right. They gave us a solid quote which made it easy to select them and I’m so grateful. Hiring Eastview Homes was a good decision.

M. Conner

From the very beginning of our renovation experience with Eastview Homes, the communication was great! It was very reassuring to know that Keith was there to answer any of our questions. Keith worked hard with us to find the best cost effective solutions, and made sure we were promptly updated with any changes.


I have worked with Keith over the past several years on numerous homes and additions, but never on my own home. As an architect, attention to detail is paramount. We contracted Eastview Homes to build a rear addition and kitchen to replicate the existing Arts and Crafts era character of the original house. The work was executed remarkably well in a timely fashion.

Frank B

Rerouting laundry into the basement to expand the mudroom in the garage entry. Keith’s team is stellar, everyone was very friendly and professional. They made me feel very comfortable throughout the process. The quality of the job was top notch and we are very satisfied with the job.


We wanted to open up our main floor to create an open concept feel in the kitchen/living room. Keith suggested we put a flush mount beam in the ceiling to open the space up and also to have a seamless transition between the two rooms. I couldn’t be happier with the finished product and we are excited to be moving back into our new home!


The communication of schedules and on going work made it easy for our family to continue to live in our home during construction without any disruptions. From quotation to design to final product, Eastview Homes  should be your only choice. We plan on working with them again in the near future on another project.


Our plan was to redo the kitchen and both of the bathrooms in the house. Keith suggested we remove the load bearing wall between the living room and the kitchen to give the war time house an open concept feel. Glad we did, Keith and his crew showed up when they said they would  and were very thorough with their work at every stage of the process. 


We hired Keith and Eastview Homes to renovate our entire main floor. When Keith came over he had such amazing ideas. We were so impressed  by the entire team’s professionalism. They cleaned up each night which was a wonderful surprise. We couldn’t be more happy with the results and it’s as if we are living in a brand new house!


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