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Wood Siding Completes a House

Welcoming, comfortable, endearing; these are words people often use to describe houses finished with all natural wood siding. Few building materials are as charming and beautiful as wooden clapboard and shingles. Prized for its warmth and workability, wood siding is a perfect choice for finishing the exterior of upscale homes and home additions.

wood siding in Oakville, natural pine board sidingWood siding comes in many species and grades. What you choose usually depends on how you plan to finish the siding. Using a clear sealer or semi-transparent stain highlights the grain, but you'll need to select more expensive grades of wood that are free of knots and other blemishes. Choose less-expensive grades for use with paint or opaque stains.

Cape Cod Finished Wood Siding takes this to another level. Their all-wood siding solutions let homeowners enjoy the benefits of natural wood with a low maintenance finish. Wood siding adds prestige and increases a building's value, and it makes new houses look warm and cozy.

Wood is beautiful and versatile and Eastview Homes offers a wide range of siding options to compliment your home’s design, the neighbourhood and your own personal style. Whether you choose a classic horizontal clapboard or vertical board & batten, or a sleek contemporary channel, Eastview Homes gives you artistic license to get creative and add your own signature style to your house.

custom wood siding in Burlington Ontario - Cape Cod Wood SidingEastview Homes prefers working with Cape Cod Finished Wood Siding which comes pretreated and ready to install. The coating is good for ten years and afterwards the colour can be refreshed with the application of an architectural coating. Architectural coatings are surface coverings such as paints and stains applied to buildings and exterior structures. Coatings are multi-functional in that they are decorative but also protective. They reduce the effort needed to clean the sides of buildings and structures, and provide protection against moisture and rot which extends the life of wood.

Architectural coatings available for wood generally include paints, stains, varnishes and water repellents. There are a number of ways to classify coatings. One common method is to differentiate based on appearance. Coatings are often identified as: 1) Opaque; 2) semi-transparent or 3) transparent. These terms indicate how much of the natural wood features will be visible through the finish.

natural wood siding in Oakville

Wood Siding is an Inherently Warm and Homey Aesthetic

Natural wood siding works well with paint and stains which gives more design options to homeowners who choose to customize the appearance. By contrast, vinyl and aluminum siding may look pretty, but they do not easily hold paint and stain the same as organic materials and that means homeowners must either pay higher costs or accept the synthetic materials’ more limited paint / stain options.

Horizontal patterns that lay flat against the wall such as tongue-and-groove, shiplap, and channel rustic are milled with edges that interlock to shed rain.

Vertical siding such as board-and-batten is generally nailed to wooden strips that are attached across wall studs. As its name suggests, board-and-batten siding is made by nailing boards vertically along a wall and then covering the spaces between the boards with narrow strips of wood called battens or “batts.”

Board-and-batten siding doesn’t seal out blustery weather quite as effectively as most patterns of lapping or interlocking horizontal siding, so it’s best reserved for temperate climates. Because it runs vertically, it can’t be nailed directly to wall studs; instead, it is applied over solid sheathing or fastened to horizontals.

Natural wood siding creates the timeless, finished look yearned for by many modern consumers. Although typically associated with higher upfront costs, the increase of curb appeal and monetary value from designing a home with this material has more and more builders revisiting this classic aesthetic.

Cape Cod Siding lets you enjoy the benefits of natural wood with a low maintenance finish. It adds prestige and value to your home.

Cape Cod Siding in oakville

Adds Value to Houses

Natural wood siding creates the timeless, finished look that is sought after by many modern consumers. Although typically associated with slightly higher upfront costs, the increased curb appeal and property valuation is dramatic. Houses with wood siding appears more comfortable and get more attention in competitive real estate markets.

Easily and Effectively Treated

Natural wood loves paint and stain, and so it gives designers more options and  homeowners enjoy more creative license. They have more freedom to modify the colours knowing they can easily paint it themselves. Vinyl, plastic, and aluminum may look pretty, but they do not easily hold paint and stain which forces homeowners to either pay higher costs for customization or accept the material's limited options.

Ventilation Solutions

Eastview Homes offers and installs a wide selection of ventilation and drainage strips which meet all installation requirements while also allowing for optimal ventilation and drainage.

Textured Finish

100% authentic. With its visible wood grain, siding with a textured finish produces that classic warmth and aesthetic that never really goes out of style. Available in a wide range of solid colours and natural tones it has a timeless quality.

Long Lifespan

With dedicated maintenance, wood can last generations. Most suppliers offer a healthy warranty and Cape Cod Siding offers a fifteen year limited coating warranty.  With Eastview’s approved installation practices, and Cape Cod Siding's fifteen year warranty you’ll be set for years into the future.


Due to the recent success of tiny and sustainable living movements, new focus has been put on using renewable and eco-friendly materials such as natural wood to complete a home’s exterior. Wood itself, of course, is biodegradable, and depending on the brand and origin of the lumber used can actually be produced using less energy than vinyl and aluminum alternatives.

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With our attention to detail and dedication to providing work of the highest quality, you can count on us to deliver what we promise. Our work is performed by award–winning designers and architects. Our trades people are certified and we provide local licensing, company insurance, WSIB coverage and all other documentation you need to feel completely confident in our abilities and professionalism.

This note is just a small thank you in comparison to the job you did for us in our newly renovated home. We are so pleased with the quality of your work and that it was done in the scheduled time frame. With a young family an the both of us working we knew that any type of renovation was going to be challenging in our home. 

M. Scott

From the very beginning of our renovation experience with Eastview Homes, the communication was great! It was very reassuring to know that Keith was there to answer any of our questions. Keith worked hard with us to find the best cost effective solutions, and made sure we were promptly updated with any changes.


I have worked with Keith over the past several years on numerous homes and additions, but never on my own home. As an architect, attention to detail is paramount. We contracted Eastview Homes to build a rear addition and kitchen to replicate the existing Arts and Crafts era character of the original house. The work was executed remarkably well in a timely fashion.

Frank B

Rerouting laundry into the basement to expand the mudroom in the garage entry. Keith's team is stellar, everyone was very friendly and professional. They made me feel very comfortable throughout the process. The quality of the job was top notch and we are very satisfied with the job.


We wanted to open up our main floor to create an open concept feel in the kitchen/living room. Keith suggested we put a flush mount beam in the ceiling to open the space up and also to have a seamless transition between the two rooms. I couldn't be happier with the finished product and we are excited to be moving back into our new home!


The communication of schedules and on going work made it easy for our family to continue to live in our home during construction without any disruptions. From quotation to design to final product, Eastview Homes  should be your only choice. We plan on working with them again in the near future on another project.


Our plan was to redo the kitchen and both of the bathrooms in the house. Keith suggested we remove the load bearing wall between the living room and the kitchen to give the war time house an open concept feel. Glad we did, Keith and his crew showed up when they said they would  and were very thorough with their work at every stage of the process. 


We hired Keith and Eastview Homes to renovate our entire main floor. When Keith came over he had such amazing ideas. We were so impressed  by the entire team's professionalism. They cleaned up each night which was a wonderful surprise. We couldn't be more happy with the results and it's as if we are living in a brand new house!


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